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    How do I book a property?

    The Holiday Lets Company allows holiday home owners and their guests to get in touch with each other direct.

    It's easy - simply browse our adverts using the host of filters available, find a rental you like and contact the owner. This cuts out the middle man, is completely flexible and just as importantly, more affordable!

    How do I make a payment to the owner?

    How the payment is taken is agreed by you and the owner. Payment methods we recommended are payment by personal cheque or electronic bank transfer, to be arranged by both parties.

    Do you provide brochures?

    We are an online service where owners can advertise a property with up-to-the-minute deals, photos and availability. Owners may be able to supply their own brochures on request, alternatively you can sign up to our e-newsletter to receive a select amount of featured brochures on a periodic basis.

    An owner has not responded to my enquiry. What do I do?

    We encourage all of our advertisers to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible. There may often be a legitimate reason for their unavailability - work commitments, travel, etc. We advise 24-48 hours as an acceptable response time. If after this time you have still not received a response, check the contact details one last time before moving on to an alternative property. There's always plenty to choose from.

    Can I cancel my reservation?

    As you are dealing with the owner direct, this will be at their discretion. It is likely that you may lose a deposit as the owner could have let their property to someone else in that time. Any arrangement would need to be made between you and them.

    Who's responsible for the condition of the property?

    This lies solely with the owner. We are not an agency, but a service that enables a holidaymaker to contact a property owner direct. We do expect our advertisers to be truthful at all times and we give holidaymakers like you the opportunity to leave reviews. However, all complaints must be directed at the owner. Of course, you too will be trusted to look after the property in the owner's absence.

    When do I have to pay the balance of my holiday?

    If you have agreed to pay a deposit to the owner, you may have also agreed a balance date. Some owners encourage multiple payments, some payment in full, and the majority will require payment before your holiday starts.

    Should I pay a deposit?

    We recommend to all our property that they should secure their holiday property with at least a deposit. How much, and how this is taken, is up to them. Remember, more than one person will be considering the property. Leaving a deposit means you won't be disappointed, but only pay if you are sure as it may be non-refundable.


    Can I advertise multiple properties?

    Yes you can! To advertise multiple properties, please contact a member of our team as we may be able to offer discounted rates for a number of homes. Once agreed, you will be able to display each property individually in the search results. These will be all be managed from the same sign-in screen.

    Can I edit my property description and contact details?

    Yes. To allow for up-to-date information, this can be done by logging in to your account and click 'Edit Advert'. Don't forget to click save before leaving your account.

    What are Featured Listings?

    Featured Listings are a great way to increase your property's exposure. We have three types of listings: one for our homepage, one for our late-deals page, and one for the property-specific sections on our front-page. This is where a picture and a brief summary of your property are positioned in the most prominent places on the website. Once clicked, this will take the user directly to the property's full profile. To add this feature, simply log in to your account and click 'Feature My Property', following the simple instructions.

    How do I add or remove photos?

    To add or remove photos, please follow these simple steps.

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click on 'Dashboard'
    3. Click on the advert you want to add a photo to
    4. Click the 'Select Photo' button to upload a photo from your computer to the online image library.
    5. To delete a photo just click on the red X that appears when you hover the mouse over the photo.

    How do I get more enquiries?

    A good first step is to speak to your Account Manager, or one of the team, for more advice. The content of your advert, and how it can be found, is really important for this. We have provided lots of tools to help increase your property's exposure with ideas like featuring it on the homepage, Late Deals, and ensuring that your customer leave reviews to help future holidaymakers. Explore your account and make a note of what works best for you and your property for future reference.

    How do I add a booking to my calendar?

    To mark your property as being booked...

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Go to your dashboard
    3. Click the Edit Availability button next to your property
    4. To toggle a single day from available (green) to unavailable (red) and back just click on the day.
    5. To make a range of days available select the from and to dates and click on the "Available" or "Unavailable". You can do this for individual bookings, or to make your property unavailable when it is closed.

    Can my property move up in the search results?

    Search results are prioritised by the requirements of the holidaymaker, then by the advert level, with Premium package adverts showing first. Also, updating your property's availability when bookings occur will help.

    How do I take payment from a guest?

    You have the ability to talk to a guest before any payment is made. After an initial enquiry, you can send a link to the customer's email address, which will allow them to pay securely via PayPal. If you do not have a Premium account, then we recommend online bank transfer or personal cheque.

    I am having problems processing a payment. What can I do?

    If you are having problems processing a payment, and you feel sufficient funds are in place, please contact a member of the PayPal team, or easier still, arrange an alternative payment method. You should try at all times not to give out full bank details.

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